Timothy McConnell

Athlete • Enola, PA • Speed Skating

Timothy McConnell has been involved in Special Olympics since middle school, which for him, was 22 years ago. He has been speed skating, which is becoming second nature to him, and he is very excited to compete for Special Olympics USA this winter in Austria.

He has many hobbies, including basketball, running and flag football. For the last 15 years, he has worked at Giant Food Stores bagging groceries, collecting carts and helping customers make returns.

“I like to keep active and keep in shape. Hanging out with kids is one of my favorite things to do,” McConnell said.

McConnell’s favorite thing about himself is that he is friendly. He loves to make people laugh and hang out with his friends. Special Olympics holds a dear place in his heart.

“It’s just fun. I get to meet new people and make friends. I like to cheer for my friends and stay in shape. My team also wins quite a bit,” McConnell said.

In a recent interview with CBS 21, Tim's mother Daphne said, "First of all to even get selected to go [to the games], that's rare because they don't have many spots," says Daphne McConnell."So the fact that he got selected to go is awesome."Head Coach Brett Eshenour.

His head coach Brett Eshenour said, "We try to make sure they have fun and understand sportsmanship and the effort and attitude. The things that are most important."

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