Anna McDougal

Athlete • Wiscasset, ME • Alpine Skiing

Anna McDougal is a member of Special Olympics USA. She is from Wiscasset, Maine and will be competing in Alpine Skiing. McDougal has been with Special Olympics for nine years. One of McDougal’s accomplishments was when she beat her ski time. She works at Spinole Works Art Center in Brunswick. She gets to do ceramics and other artistic duties. McDougal enjoys stitching needlepoint, the Internet and email, listening to music, going on walks, and talking with her friends. She like to dance and exercise. Skiing is her absolute favorite though. McDougal also published a book called A Look Back, which is a memoir. Her main passion is skiing which she has been doing for around four years. “It means a lot to me to be a part of a team. It also means to me the love of skiing and competing,” said McDougal. She’s very excited to be representing Maine and she’s looking forward to traveling to Austria. Anne has traveled overseas before to England. “I can’t wait to represent the love of skiing and educate the love of skiing,” said McDougal. Receiving a gold medal in the past was made her feel good about herself and her skiing skills. “Going through the gate downhill is an awesome feeling,” McDougal said. “Skiing is a part of me, it’s everything!”

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