Camilo Mejia

Athlete • Mahtomedi, MN • Alpine Skiing

Camilo Mejia, 27, joins Special Olympics USA from Mahtomndi, Minnesota where he has competed in Special Olympics for 19 years. Camilo originally got involved through a school-based skiing program. Additionally, he has competed in basketball, bowling, athletics, equestrian, and aquatics, however, skiing is his favorite because he loves being outside. Now, he will help represent the Special Olympics USA delegation in alpine skiing in Austria. β€œI LOVE Special Olympics!” Camilo explains, β€œIt makes me happy.” In Austria, Camilo is most looking forward to the competition. Through Special Olympics Camilo has also trained to be a Global Messenger and serves on the Special Olympics Minnesota Board of Directors. Outside of Special Olympics Camilo enjoys action and drama movies as well as superheroes. He works at a restaurant where he serves as the kitchen captain.

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