Dana Shick

Athlete • Mechanicsburg, PA • Speed Skating

Dana Shick is from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and is excited to represent Special Olympics USA in Austria.

Shick has competed in track and field and on the equestrian team as well with this being her fourth year of speed skating.

According to her father, Glenn Shick, Dana is a very dedicated athlete, but keeps herself busy with other activities as well. Dana enjoys animals, horseback riding, video games and knitting.

She even channels some of her loves into her own business. In her spare time, she volunteers at an alpaca farm, and uses the fibers from the alpaca to create crafts and sells them to people.

“Dana is a very caring person. She is the type of person who will see a homeless person and want to knit them a scarf. Or she’ll spend hours working on something and then just give it away,” Glenn said.

Special Olympics holds a place in the entire family’s heart.

“When we can see her compete and the growth it creates, it’s amazing. She keeps getting better. She likes to win, too, but she mostly just has fun. It’s the happiest we’ve ever seen her when she competes,” Glenn said.

In a recent interview with CBS 21, Dana's mother, Lynn, said, "It's like a dream actually and it's Dana's dream and we just follow her and her passions."

Her head coach Brett Eshenour said, "We try to make sure they have fun and understand sportsmanship and the effort and attitude. The things that are most important."

"It has helped her branch out," Lynn said. "It has helped her increase her self confidence. It's a social network of friends and just people to hang out with."

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