Virginia Wade

Athlete • Seattle, WA • Alpine Skiing

Virginia Wade is a 16-year-old freshman from Washington. She has been involved with Special Olympics since she was seven years old. She got involved through gymnastics because she originally wanted to compete as a gymnast. According to her mom it was how she learned to walk and climb. However, there was not a program for that in Washington so she trained, to be a skier under a coach from Oregon who her mom found. Wade is excited for the 2017 World Games because she loves to ski and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her. Beyond the competition, she is looking forward to the post-games hot chocolate that she gets after a long day on the slopes. She is excited about being in Austria because she is a big fan of “The Sound of Music.” She is very social and cannot wait to meet her team and the other athletes. She loves to write during her free time and is currently working on a musical about when her family hiked the Appalachian Trail. Wade is most proud of being a student in a regular high school, skiing last year with her sister as her coach, and her writing. Participating in Special Olympics has given her stamina, taught her discipline and to work hard even when you are tired. She feels that these are things that you learn through athletics that most kids with special needs don't normally get. Her mom said that Special Olympics “has given her the potential for a lifetime of friendships and activities.”

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