Kristi Yarbrough

Athlete • Jeffersonville, IN • Alpine Skiing

Kristi Yarbrough, 37, joins the USA delegation from Jeffersonville, Indiana to compete in Alpine Skiing. This marks the first time a skier from Clark County will compete on the international stage. Kristi’s parents served on the National Ski Patrol and their love of skiing was passed down. She has been skiing since the age of four and started competing in Special Olympics six years later. Kristi has been overcoming obstacles since she was a baby. She was born with a congenital hip dislocation and continuously fell to her left while she was learning to walk. At only 18 months she received a surgery that left her in a body cast for three months, and later underwent a second procedure that created a normal hip socket for her to function with ease today. She has competed in a variety of sports ranging from volleyball to bowling to basketball and her box of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals is overflowing. Kristi graduated high school in 1997 and holds a full-time job at New Hope Services where she helps in their warehouse. “It’s my first time ever going to Austria,” Kristi gushes. “I’m very excited.”

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