Kyle Dehn

Athlete • Colenwood, NJ • Alpine Skiing

Kyle Dehn, 18, is set to compete at the 2017 World Winter Games in Austria in alpine skiing. According to his mom, Kathleen, Kyle’s kind spirit, passion for life, and enthusiasm are contagious. She said he has made his enthusiasm for going to Austria and competing at the 2017 World Games very clear. Kyle didn’t learn to talk until he was 6-years-old, but you wouldn’t believe that if you met him today. These days, he can’t stop talking about World Games. He is excited, proud, wants to meet lots of new people (hopefully including Arnold Schwarzenegger) and is training hard by running, biking, exercising and eating healthy. He plans to bring home gold. Kyle hopes his experience at World Games will help him to gain respect and popularity in his hometown, community and school. But the Vernon, N.J., native’s interests do not stop at Special Olympics. He plays horseshoes, loves school and enjoys running, skiing, hiking and fishing. Kyle finished the Spartan Race this year, and would love to compete in Ninja Warrior or Survivor someday. When asked what he knows about Austria, Kyle said, “the food, the capital, because I like geography, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’”

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