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When we look at Special Olympics USA, we see champions before us!


    More than 200 individuals representing 46 Special Olympics US Programs came together to make up the Special Olympics USA delegation at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.

    → 96 Special Olympics athletes
    → 37 Unified partners
    → 38 coaches
    → 23 support staff

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    Special Olympics USA families traveled thousands of miles to cheer for USA. Tennis athlete Heidi Sand’s family happened to be in the neighborhood. In 1955, Heidi’s grandparents immigrated to the United States from Germany. From her mother, Jacque Martin, and her grandmother, Sabina Jurchen, Heidi learned the culture. An ocean away, they remained in contact with their extended family, sharing life updates via Facebook. The last time Heidi saw her family from Germany, she was 4 years old. Thirty-three years later, they watched her win gold at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin.
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    Smooth Sailing

    Special Olympics USA Unified sailing partner Bobby Westlake carpooled to elementary school with a family friend and their daughter, his classmate. Decades later, he would compete with that classmate’s son in the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. Athlete Tyler Dodson and his Unified partner Bobby began sailing together in January. Prior to training as a team, they chartered their respective courses.
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    The Phoenix Police Department radio code for a suspicious person or activity is 647. It’s a call for backup. Head Special Olympics USA 3x3 Unified basketball coach Mary Roberts and assistant coach Mandy Faust have a combined 55 years of experience with the Phoenix Police Department and have used that code many a time. Now retired, the two have introduced the code to their team.
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