Abu Dhabi 2019 - Basketball

David Williams

Athlete | Phoenix, Arizona
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David Williams, 23 years old, is proud to work at a restaurant on Arizona State University's campus. He loves working out, running and playing basketball. His favorite part about playing Unified? "I love surprising everyone with my game," says David. "I have been involved with Special Olympics for four years, it makes me feel good, because people do not judge." According to David, he "was very quiet and not 'a people person,'" but now enjoys being part of a team and loves going to practice. David credits Special Olympics with teaching him the importance of passing the ball as well as the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and responsibility. When asked about his role on the Unified basketball team headed to Abu Dhabi, he reflects, "I feel kind of famous." Outside of practice and competition, David enjoys watching college basketball on TV, riding his bike, playing video games and going out to eat.

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Basketball Results from Abu Dhabi

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