Abu Dhabi 2019 - Basketball

Jeffery Anthony

Athlete | Surprise, Arizona

Jeffery Anthony has been involved in Special Olympics since middle school, when his eyes were opened to the fact that people with a disability can play sports, get a job and live on their own. Since then, he has graduated high school and continues to have fun playing sports and supporting everyone through Special Olympics. He says, "Sports is not always about winning, I just love to play." He is quick to tell people that Special Olympics staff members have influenced his life, talking to him about everything he can do, not what he can't do. Jeff is a car fanatic, especially enjoying old-school cars and muscle cars. He enjoys going to old car shows to check out the wheels and aspires to rebuild an old car someday. In reference to his involvement in Special Olympics World Games, Jeffrey says "Attending World Games feels amazing! It means so much that I was chosen! I will get the opportunity to go to another country and meet people from different countries. I will tell them about my home in the U.S. and learn how their country supports people with disabilities." He is also looking forward to celebrating his birthday on March 8th, around the beginning of the event, noting, "This will be the best birthday EVER!"

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Basketball Results from Abu Dhabi

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