Abu Dhabi 2019 - Basketball

Kristen Short

Athlete | San Antonio, Texas
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Kristen Short has participated in Special Olympics for over 20 years. She is focused at the present time on her full-time job which she has had for the past 14 years. On her off days, Kristen spends the days and most nights helping with her nieces and nephews, and they are a big part of her life. One of her nieces, Diamond, says all the time that Kristen is her role model. Kristen doesn't really like to train for basketball, but she does love to play. She is a beast on the court and a teddy bear off the court. She always has a smile on her face and is always focused on the end goal. Kristen is nervous about the trip overseas but looks forward to playing, meeting new people and experiencing the culture.

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Basketball Results from Abu Dhabi

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