Abu Dhabi 2019 - Basketball

Marc Russell

Athlete | Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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Marc Andrew Russell was born September 12, 1980. One month later, his parents, who had yearned so long for a baby, were killed in a car accident, leaving Marc an orphan and ward of the state. Marc’s maternal grandmother, Nancy, stepped in to raise and, in 1986, legally adopt him. Nancy was a persistent advocate, ensuring Marc received the best special education services available. She recognized early that Marc had inherited his father’s athletic abilities and sought every opportunity for him to participate. Despite Marc’s talent and outgoing attitude, he found it hard to fit in and make friends, something that often left him feeling depressed and withdrawn. At age 14, Marc moved in with his Aunt Ann, her husband Scott and their two young daughters in Shrewsbury, MA. The family introduced Marc to Special Olympics, where he quickly excelled in basketball, softball, volleyball, golf and bowling programs. These experiences transformed Marc’s spirit, boosting his self-esteem and connecting him with a warm community of friends, coaches, fans and role models. Special Olympics truly changed Marc’s life, instilling a deep personal confidence and love for helping others. Marc still resides in Shrewsbury, has his own apartment, and is a proud, 14-year Home Depot employee.

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