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Jennifer Grantham

Coach | North Little Rock, Arkansas
Jennifer Grantham.jpeg

Jennifer Grantham has been involved with Special Olympics for 20 years. She started as a student volunteer in school, became a coach and also adopted a child with an intellectual disability. Part of the reason she adopted was so she would be able to see the parent's side of the program and network with other families. She even started working for Special Olympics Arkansas four years ago as the Director of Field Services, Initiatives and Volunteers. Special Olympics has been such a part of her life for so long that it didn't change her life, it shaped it. She admires women like Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Justice Anne Burke. She strives every day to uphold their vision. Attending such a pivotal World Games is definitely something that is not lost on her. She is extremely excited to represent Special Olympics USA as an assistant coach in her favorite sport of powerlifting. She is looking forward to supporting Special Olympics USA athletes as they prepare to perform at their personal best.