Abu Dhabi 2019 - Sailing

Stacey Perry

Unified Partner | Biloxi, Alabama

Stacey Perry will be attending her third Special Olympics World Games in 2019! She previously competed in 2003 at World Games in Ireland and in 2007 at World Games in China. She prides herself on being tenacious and persistently achieves every goal she sets her mind to. She is currently training to get in the best possible shape for competition and is working with her Unified partner, athlete Jane Cameron, to better understand their limits and to combine their skill sets to become a dream team. When asked what she learned since joining Special Olympics she said, “Learning never to underestimate my competition.” Stacey is not just a model Unified partner, she is selflessly involved in issues that plague society and works to create affordable housing specifically designed for people with intellectual disabilities. Stacey’s loyalty, generosity, and hard work have positively impacted the Alabama local program and she will be a great asset to Special Olympics USA.