Abu Dhabi 2019 - Volleyball

Christopher Castillo-Jordan

Athlete | Haines City, Florida
Christopher Castillo Jordan.jpeg

Chris Castillo-Jordan has learned a lot being involved in Special Olympics. He has learned to do exercises while having fun, meeting many friends who know how to have a good time. When Chris first started with Special Olympics, he thought he could not play in any sport because he wouldn't make it. Now he knows that with effort he can do many things, both on and off the playing field. Special Olympics has taught him discipline and commitment. So far, Chris has participated in three sports: volleyball, swimming and flag football, with his favorite being volleyball. In the future, he wants to learn to play basketball because he loves running. Chris thinks his volleyball coaches are very good people, who have helped him a lot with sports, saying "Sometimes the practices are hard but when we finish the practices with effort, I feel I can do better every time." Chris is happy his parents can be at his practices and games. One of his most exciting moments was when his team won state Games in Florida. Chris says, "My Unified partners are great with me and have helped me a lot, they are my friends. My coaches and all volunteers of Special Olympics are beautiful people. We are a big and happy family."