Berlin 2023 - Basketball

Ly Reyes

Unified Partner | Gainesville, Florida

Lysander “Ly” Reyes of Gainesville, Florida, started competing as a Unified partner in 2022 and has participated in basketball, bowling and flag football. Ly will represent Special Olympics USA as a Unified partner in basketball. A student at the University of Florida, Ly is also employed at Delcare PA as a medical assistant. He is part of a behavioral health service organization, working with adolescents to teach behavioral techniques for building stronger social skills.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, at the age of 8, Ly, his mother and sister moved to the United States. He began to learn English during his first week of school, not knowing how to communicate with his teachers or classmates. A significant change for the family, Ly most admires his mother for taking this leap of faith and supporting their family through the move. Ly has played basketball all his life and now shares that passion with his Special Olympics teammates and coaches, who he considers family.