Berlin 2023 - Basketball

Mathias Misener

Athlete | Gainesville, Florida

Mathias Misener of Gainesville, Florida, has participated in Special Olympics for six years in basketball, equestrian, flag football, golf, swimming and tennis. He will represent Special Olympics USA in basketball. Special Olympics has provided Mathias an outlet to play sports, maintain his physical health, and become a better athlete. In 2022, he competed at the Special Olympics USA Games in flag football. The opportunity to compete in the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 is another goal achieved for Mathias.

Mathias graduated from high school in 2022 and is now attending a transition program within the school district. He anticipates attending college in the fall of 2023. His mother trains alongside Mathias, working out to Stephen Curry’s exercise regimen. Curry, his favorite athlete of all time, is Mathias’ greatest inspiration because of the struggles he overcame to play professional basketball. In addition to basketball, his interests include playing guitar and listening to music.

Attending the World Games is a chance for Mathias to continue advocating for himself as an athlete, working to become the best in the country.