Berlin 2023 - Basketball

William Munro

Unified Partner | Gainesville, Florida

William Munro of Gainesville, Florida, has participated in Special Olympics for the past six years, starting as a high school sophomore. He has been involved as a coach and Unified partner for basketball, flag football and soccer. This year, he will represent Special Olympics USA as a Unified partner in basketball. In 2022, William competed at the Special Olympics USA Games in flag football.

Joining a team of appointed student and athlete leaders, William is part of the Special Olympics college program National Work Team. In 2018, he attended the Special Olympics East Asia Youth Summit. Through the University of Florida’s Special Olympics College Club, he serves as the club’s vice president. Recognizing his commitment to Special Olympics athletes, Special Olympics Florida awarded William the distinction of Unified Partner of the Year.

Moving to Florida from Colorado was a challenging shift for William. On campus, he has been able to feel at home through his time spent with communities like Special Olympics.