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42nd to First

Robbie_42nd to First

“It sort of reminds me of 42nd Street, because of all the buildings.” Special Olympics USA soccer athlete Robbie Wilson is traveling outside of the United States for the first time. Known for its distinct architecture, Special Olympics USA’s Host Town locations of Bremen and Bremerhaven are a world of novelty for the New York City native. “I think it’s good,” said Robbie. “This country is very beautiful.”

Quite unlike the bustling streets of Manhattan, Bremen is a haven of recreational oases and bike paths. Bordering the North Sea, Robbie experienced a monumental first during the group’s visit to Bremerhaven, a boat ride. Touring the New Harbour, the hour trip offered views of colossal freighters and transport ships, their size rivaling the skyscrapers of Robbie’s home.

Robbie on boat.jpg

In a season of firsts, Robbie is comforted by the familiarity of his teammates, the City Hawks Unified Training Club soccer team. “I wish every day could be like this,” observed Robbie.

Once a week, the team practices together, a time for students from 721M and Harvest Collegiate High School to unite. Stepping outside the confines of their school hallways, city streets and comfort zones, the team embraces the unfamiliarity of firsts.