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A Family Unified

A Special Olympics Unified partner hugs one of his teammates in celebration.
Will Munro (right) has come to view his Special Olympics teammates as an extended family.

Named the 2022 Special Olympics Florida Unified Partner of the Year, William Munro is living a family legacy, rooted in a love for Special Olympics. Now vice president of the University of Florida’s Special Olympics College Club, William officially joined the movement as a Unified partner in high school, inspired by his grandfather’s 20-year involvement. He will represent Special Olympics USA as a Unified partner in basketball. When William learned of his recognition as Unified Partner of the Year, his first phone call was to his grandfather. “I have a lot of random accomplishments, but this one means the most,” said William. “For us to be able to share that moment, that was the proudest he has ever been.”

Of those accomplishments, William is integral in planning the Race for Inclusion fundraising event in Gainesville, Florida. As the fundraising director last year, the event raised over $50,000. This year, over $40,000 was raised in support of Special Olympics Florida. “This event showcases what Special Olympics Florida does for our school’s community,” explained William. Following graduation, William aims to attend law school. Regardless of his future endeavors, “this movement doesn’t leave me, I will always be passionate about the disability community.”