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Behind the Scenes

Chelsea smiles

Special Olympics USA powerlifting athlete Chelsea Schultz is an inspiration. She’s the first female powerlifter to compete with Special Olympics New Hampshire, she’s pushing boundaries, she’s raising the bar an inch higher. But what does life look like for Special Olympics USA powerlifters when they’re not on the mat? Chelsea took us behind the scenes at the Special Olympics World Games to find out.

On Monday, June 19, the Special Olympics USA powerlifting athletes visited Healthy Athletes®, which provides participants with free health screenings, education and referrals for continued treatment in an accessible environment. According to Chelsea, here’s what happened!

In Her Own Words:

Caleb gets stretched out at Healthy Athletes

“Mitchell stretched his legs to be ready for his lifts this week. He says that it was the best stretching he had done this week.”

Caleb smiles at Healthy Athletes

“Oops! Mitchell caught me taking photos while a volunteer asks him and Brian questions about their health!”

Caleb looks at health information

“Caleb is thinking about what kinds of foods go into each food group.”

Chelsea looks at health tips

“Chelsea, Josh and Bobby learned which foods are bad for you, okay for you and good for you.”

Charlie balancing

“Charlie balanced himself while playing catch with a volunteer. He said that was challenging.”

Charlie talking with athlete

“Charlie asked questions about the results he received from Healthy Athletes!”