Abu Dhabi 2019 - Golf

Kevin Smith

Coach | West Hartford, Connecticut
Kevin Smith.jpeg

Kevin Smith of West Hartford started out with Special Olympics as a sixth grader, participating in his school’s Unified Sports® program. He began as a Unified partner, and then became a coach and started the golf program in his town! Smith is an Assistant Golf Professional at the Rockledge Golf Course in West Hartford – a position he’s held for over 15 years. He feels fortunate to have made playing golf a career and enjoys teaching others and helping them develop skills. His most memorable Special Olympics moments happen with athletes he mentors make progress, lower their scores and achieve personal bests. He’s excited to participate in the World Games to experience Unity – athletes from around the world coming together - and Pride – in wearing our nation’s colors and the letters “USA”. Smith has participated in the 2016 Special Olympics North America Golf Championship as a Unified partner, the 2017 Special Olympics North American Golf Championship as a coach and the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games as Golf Coach for Team Connecticut.