Abu Dhabi 2019 - Golf

Kimberlee Buter

Unified Partner | Madison, Alabama
Kimberlee Buter.jpeg

Kimberlee Buter is a dedicated Unified partner who joined Special Olympics to make a difference and to make lifelong friends. It certainly helps that she will compete with her sister-in-law, Susan Buter, in Unified golf! She is a dedicated volunteer and leader who enjoys motivating athletes. She encourages them to be excited about their accomplishments and inspires greatness in them every chance she gets. Kimberlee is truly a friend and mentor. She will compete in golf in Abu Dhabi and hopes to beat her record from the time she shot a 57! One of her most famed accomplishments is working for NASA where she has been for 16 years. Kimberlee also loves to travel and can’t wait to embark on the journey to the FIRST ever World Games held in the Middle East.