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Berlin 2023 - Gymnastics

Jessica Duvall

Athlete | Lansing, Michigan

Jessica Duvall of Lansing, Michigan, has been involved with Special Olympics since 2010, competing in basketball, bocce, bowling, figure skating, gymnastics, snowshoeing and swimming. She will represent Special Olympics USA in rhythmic gymnastics. Through her experience with Special Olympics, Jessica has improved her confidence and is proud of learning the routines needed to receive high scores. She most admires her coach, Ms. Radney, for inspiring her to keep practicing and improving her techniques.

In her free time, Jessica collects Pokémon trading cards, spends time with her cats and volunteers at a cat café. She is employed in the deli department of a local grocery store, where she prepares various food items for purchase. Attending the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, she is proud to represent the United States and meet new people from around the world.