Berlin 2023 - Soccer

Kimberly Guallpa Mendez

Additional Staff | New York, New York

Kimberly Guallpa Mendez of New York, New York, has been involved with Special Olympics for the past two years as a Unified partner. She will represent Special Olympics USA in an Additional Staff role, supporting the soccer team. As a student at Harvest Collegiate High School, she works to promote inclusion within the school environment on the Youth Activation Council. One of her greatest achievements is winning gold in soccer at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. For Kimberly, attending a Special Olympics World Games means having the opportunity to advocate for equality and inclusion, showcasing their achievements as a team.

Kimberly admires the musical group BTS for their hard work, dedication and perseverance. As part of her training regimen, she is dedicated to attending extra training sessions with her brother and going to the gym. This opportunity will allow her to step outside her comfort zone and welcome new people into her life, bonded in a love for Special Olympics and inclusion.